Liz Tovar

Picture of Elizabeth Tovar

Liz Tovar

Senior Associate Athletics Director
Executive Officer and Associate VP of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion


Montgomery, Lew

Lew Montgomery

Interim Associate Athletics Director for DEI and Associate Director, DEI Finance and Operations
Picture of John Bruno

John Bruno

Assistant Athletics Director - Academics
Picture of Alexandra Deisbeck

Alex Deisbeck

Career Specialist/Academic Coordinator
Picture of Betsy Kern

Betsy Kern

Academic Coordinator, Interim Tutor Coordinator
Picture of Kara Park

Kara Park

Assistant Athletics Director - Student Development
Picture of Mel Sander

Mel Sanders

Director of Athletics - Advising & Eligibility
Picture of Andy Winkelmann

Andy Winkelmann

Director for Educational Programs

Administrative Support Staff

Beaurivage, Nicky

Nicky Beaurivage

Assistant to the Associate Athletics Director

Tom Harder

Tutoring and Administrative Services Specialist
peggy hausler

Peggy Hausler

Administrative Services Coordinator