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Members of ISAAC develop their leadership and citizenship skills by actively participating in departmental educational programs and special events.

ISAAC is a student-athlete leadership group acting as the voice of student-athletes within the department, campus, conference, and NCAA. The committee also facilitates and engages in various programs, social events, and community engagement activities. This includes Fall Kickoff, Day of Caring, and The Golden Herkys awards show. Two representatives from each team sit on the committee, and there are 10 at-large positions available. The executive board consists of 9 seats – Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary/Treasurer, Leadership Chair, Community Engagement Chair, Academic Success Chair, Career Development Chair, Diversity & Inclusion Chair, and Health & Well-Being Chair.

2021-2022 ISAAC Executives

Headshot of Manuela Lizarazu

Manuela Lizarazu

Women's Golf / Biomedical Engineering

Headshot of Tyler Snep

Tyler Snep

Leadership Chair
Baseball / Economics

Headshot of Allie Gilchrist

Allie Gilchrist

Academic Success Chair
Gymnastics / Accounting

Headshot of Leah Kralovetz

Leah Kralovetz

Vice President
Women's Cross Country / Enterprise Leadership

Headshot of Jack Pendergast

Jack Pendergast

Community Engagement Co-Chair
Men's Cross Country / Biology

Headshot of Molly Rygh

Molly Rygh

Career Development Chair
Rowing / Elementary Education

Headshot of Meghan Conroy

Megan Conroy

Field Hockey / Mathematics Education

Headshot of Daniel Klysh

Daniel Klysh

Community Engagement Co-Chair
Men's Cross Country / Finance

Headshot of Sam Cary

Sam Cary

Health & Well-Being Chair
Soccer / Public Health

ISAAC Representatives

Headshot of Logan Akason

Logan Akason

Women's Cross Country
Headshot of Armando Bryson

Armando Bryson

Men's Track & Field
Headshot of Hannah Clayton

Hannah Clayton

Headshot of Lilly Gentzkow

Lilly Gentzkow

Women's Golf
Headshot of Vipasha Mehra

Vipasha Mehra

Women's Tennis
Headshot of Kris Murray

Kris Murray

Men's Basketball
Headshot of Spencer Petras

Spencer Petras

Headshot of Leif Schroeder

Leif Schroeder

Headshot of Mackenzie Streveler

Mackenzie Streveler

Headshot of Sarah Ballard

Sarah Ballard

Swimming & Diving
Headshot of Kalena Burns

Kalena Burns

Headshot of Logan Cook

Logan Cook

Women's Basketball
Headshot of Alex Greenwald

Alex Greenwald

Headshot of Kaevon Merriweather

Kaevon Merriweather

Headshot of Alec Nigut

Alec Nigut

Headshot of Gratt Reed

Gratt Reed

Men's Track & Field
Headshot of Sabrina Shaw

Sabrina Shaw

Headshot of Tomi Taiwo

Tomi Taiwo

Women's Basketball
Headshot of Allie Bookin-Nosbisch

Allie Bookin-Nosbisch

Women's Track & Field
Headshot of Kate Claypool

Kate Claypool

Headshot of Harper Dunne

Harper Dunne

Field Hockey
Headshot of Samantha Mannix

Samantha Mannix

Women's Tennis
Headshot of Keegan Murray

Keegan Murray

Men's Basketball
Headshot of Felipe Pedraza

Felipe Pedraza

Men's Golf
Headshot of Carlos Roldos

Carlos Roldos

Men's Golf
Headshot of Andrew Simaz

Andrew Simaz

Headshot of Sam Tamborski

Sam Tamborski

Swimming & Diving
Headshot of Tionna Tobias

Tionna Tobias

Women's Track & Field

At Large Representatives

Headshot of Bryce Gidel

Bryce Gidel

Women's Cross Country
Headshot of Austin Spiewak

Austin Spiewak

Headshot of Kirsten Jurgersen

Kirsten Jurgersen

Headshot of Allyson Steffensmeier

Allyson Steffensmeier

Headshot of Caleb Shudak

Caleb Shudak

Headshot of Libby Brosius

Libby Brosius

Spirit Squad (Ex-Officio)