Academic Advising is an important part of student-athlete's academic careers. One of the most important relationships a student-athlete will develop in college is with their Athletic Academic Coordinator and their academic advisor. These trained professionals help students navigate and succeed in attaining a college education.

  • All University of Iowa students, including student-athletes, are assigned a primary advisor on-campus, either through the Academic Advising Center (AAC) or through the appropriate departmental advising unit based on their major.

  • Campus advisors are expected to help students with course selection in preparation for registration each semester.

  • The ultimate goal of both the student-athlete’s academic coordinator and academic advisor is to help students enroll in the appropriate courses needed to stay on track to graduate and develop the academic and interpersonal skills needed to succeed after graduation.

  • Academic Coordinators support campus advisors by reviewing student-athlete class schedules and focusing on progress towards degree requirements with an eye towards graduation. The Academic Coordinator will educate student-athletes on institutional, conference, and NCAA academic guidelines and monitor their degree progress to assure that both graduation and athletic eligibility requirements are met.

  • Student-athletes should always confer with both their academic coordinator and academic advisor prior to dropping or adding courses to assure that any changes to the student’s class schedule will continue to meet NCAA and degree requirements.